The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel.

If you are looking for the best hotel in Turkey, then this name should come first. Here is the most luxurious park in Turkey of the same name. Let's take a look at the pictures of this famous hotel for various reasons. 

The design of the whole hotel, the interior, the furniture, the food, the usage — everything is like a fairytale kingdom. So if you want to be the king or queen of the fairy tale, you can visit this five star hotel in Turkey.

The hotel has 401 rooms of four types - Triple, Squad, Suite and Double. One night stay at the hotel will cost you at least four and a half lakh rupees. Breakfast is free with this

There is an internationally acclaimed spa, special gym, Turkish bath, swimming pool and a number of restaurants. Special breakfast area and multiple alcohol-free bars. In addition to hotel rooms, you can order breakfast and dinner at the Eternal Restaurant. In Nisa Bar you will find all alcohol free drinks

The hotel also has a wellness center, kids club and beauty center.

The hotel has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with 24,692 votes on Google.

The hotel is owned by Rex Hotels, Emer Properties PJSC and Dragon Productions.

Guests visiting the hotel evaluated the hotel in terms of staff service, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, cost, hotel location, internet service (Wi-Fi). Out of this, except for the cost, I got 9.3 out of 10. And only the cost is 8.1

The beach is about half a kilometer away from the hotel. It will take 12 minutes to walk.

The hotel for children is 'Dreamland'. It is said to be the best hotel in the world for children.

The service of the staff of this hotel is great. The hotel is also great for walking and shopping in the park. And there is no fee to enter the shopping center.

Park with hotel.It is one of the most luxurious parks in the world.

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