Bollywood stars take a break from their busy lives and leave for the Maldives. When the sky, the sea and the sand blend together, spend time alone. Sometimes I go down to the sea for breakfast. When the night was deep again, the roar of the sea and the twinkling stars in the distance accompanied him to sip a cup of tea. Sometimes they hang out in groups.There is no comparison to the seaside resorts of the Maldives for leisure. The Maldives is a unique example of unprecedented economic development centered on tourism. At least 60 percent of the country's foreign income comes from this sector. Maldives receives the most foreign investment in tourism among South Asian countries. Let's find out about tourism in the Maldives by visiting a resort on the seashore of that country.

The underwater resort is called Vakkaru Maldives. It is located 6 miles north of the capital city of Male. If booked, the resort will bring tourists directly from Velana International Airport (also known as Male International Airport).

The small island has become one of the richest leisure destinations for Arab billionaires or Bollywood superstars. Recently, Bollywood star Sonakshi Sinha came to this resort.

Only five and a half million people live in the Maldives. Meanwhile, three times as many tourists visit this country every year. The resort is built at a certain height ahead of the island that rises in the sea.

It will be a different experience to eat here or under the water in a restaurant.

Many people also arrange weddings at all the resorts. A foreign couple recently got married in Vakkaru Maldives, so there is a special team for decoration and event management.

This resort has its own photographers. So who will post a picture of you here, whether that picture will be good enough to post on Instagram, has freed me from this worry.

Occasionally this part of the resort goes under the sea.

The sweet breeze from the Nile makes the body and mind lively. When you come here, all the fatigue of travel is gone in an instant. Almost all the pools here have easy access to various types of water sports.

From here you can see strangely beautiful sunrise and sunset.

The resort is owned by Karim El Chiati, vice president of the Travco Group, and his wife, Anna Beatriz Barros. It is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives. Staying here for every 24 hours will cost you 1 lakh 18 thousand to one and a half lakh rupees.

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