Eye makeup enhances the appeal of the eyes. However, there are many types of eye makeup. So you have to understand which makeup will bring a classic look to your eyes. Eyeliner is said to be the most glamorous makeup for the eyes. As fashion changes over time, so does the type of eyeliner. And Kitten Eyeliner is a very trendy type in the fashion world.

Certain types of eye makeup were very popular earlier this year, one of which was Smoky Eyeliner. Towards the end of the year, eyeliner or wing eyeliner trends take place in fashion. However, it is not a cat's eye eyeliner. Leaving this style behind is a bit timeless or casual kitten eyeliner is timeless. Now no makeup makeup look trendy.

Natural Kitten Eye is the most suitable for that.
Many people combine Cats Eyeliner and Kitten Eyeliner. But Keaten Eyeliner is said to be a finer and smoother version of Cat's Eyeliner. One of the reasons why Kiten Eyeliner is so popular is because it is so easy to use. In addition, the amount of eyeliner is less as it is made very thin, and it is also easy to remove it again. Kitten eyeliner is perfect for keeping natural look in makeup.

Here are four easy steps to use to get the right look in Kitten Eyeliner. Many people prefer to use pencil or gel eyeliner for their eyes. But thin liquid liner is best for giving kitten eyeliner. It can be winged or pulled to the side of the eye.

To draw the line,
first lightly pull the eyelids upwards towards the eyebrows with the left hand. This is the easiest way to keep the line straight. However, the line should be drawn from the left side of the eye to the right side. Apply eyeliner from the corner of the eye to the petals, which should be very thin.

Keep the line size correct

When applying eyeliner on the eyes, the spots should be kept smooth and long. If there is any mistake, it should be removed with Mycela water. The side of the eye will not be black.

Use concealer

Concealer can be used after drawing the line to make the eyeliner smooth and even from the corner of the eye. This will make the line perfectly smooth and perfect. In that case it is best to use stick concealer.

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