How to verify your Facebook Page or Profile

What if you could easily see a white circle with a blue circle next to your name on Facebook? As a popular person, you may have a 'blue badge' next to your name.
Facebook says the blue-badge will help make profiles or page posts acceptable to users. Facebook profile can be easily verified as a journalist, politician, star. It is also possible to verify the Facebook page of the specified category.

The blue-badge can be obtained only by verifying the profile or page following the prescribed rules. Facebook has been providing such benefits for a long time to confirm the authenticity of the profile or page and increase the acceptability.

 Today I will tell you how to verify Facebook profile and page-

2. Then select the page or profile.

3. Attach the document (driving license / NID / passport).

4. Select category.

5. Select country.

6. Explain why you want to verify, who follows you, and why.

7. If your own / organization has a different name (one / more) write. Or write the same name in a different language. If necessary, you can also explain about the name.

8. You have to give 5 links. Give 3-4 news links written about the person / organization. In the case of individuals, links to news published in the person's own name may also be provided. Besides, you have to give 1-2 links of different social media.

9. Now submit by clicking the Send button.

Within a short time of submitting all the information, Facebook will inform you of the status of your application

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