USAA is the best car insurance company for 2021, but you need to have a military affiliation to get it.  If you can't get USAA, the second-best car insurance company is State Farm.

The 9 Best Car Insurance Companies of 2021

The Best Car Insurance You Can Get: USAA 

USAA is the best car insurance company we found. In our survey, USAA customers said they were very satisfied with USAA's customer service. They also loved the company's easy process for filing a claim, as well as the frequent updates on the status of claims. 

In fact, the only negative we could find for this company is its limited availability. USAA only offers its services to veterans, members of the military, and their immediate families, so many consumers won't qualify for insurance from our top-ranked insurance company.

Runner-up: State Farm

Coming in second in our ranking of the best car insurance companies is State Farm. This insurer makes it easy to file a claim, according to most survey respondents, many of whom plan to renew their policy. State Farm is also the best auto insurance company if you do not have a military affiliation. 

State Farm earned slightly lower marks when we asked if customers were satisfied with the company's status updates during the claims process. Drivers insured through State Farm reported that overall the company is a good value.

Third Place: Geico 

Geico is the third-best car insurance company, and even a caveman can see why. Consumers said Geico makes it easy to file a claim, and they plan on renewing their policies. Most also reported they would recommend this insurer. Still, some were less satisfied by the value they get from Geico.

Fourth Place: Nationwide 

Nationwide is the fourth-best car insurance company, according to our consumer survey. This insurance provider generally earned good scores across the board, though some respondents weren't satisfied with Nationwide's status updates during the claims process or with how their claims were resolved.

Fifth Place: Farmers

Farmers ranks in fifth place among the nation's largest car insurance companies. Consumers gave this insurer decent auto insurance ratings for satisfaction with the claims process, customer service, and value. However, Farmers' scores dropped a bit lower when we asked if drivers would recommend the company to friends or family.

Sixth Place: American Family  

Up next is American Family, which sits near the middle of the pack as the sixth-best insurer on our list. Though American Family landed at the bottom when it came to customers' satisfaction with how their claims were resolved, American Family enjoys good loyalty from its customers. This company ranked near the top of the list in terms of customers who said they were likely to renew their policies and likely to recommend to friends and family.

Seventh Place: Progressive 

Flo, Progressive’s perky pitchwoman, might be No. 1 in the heart of advertisers, but Progressive is the No. 7 insurance company on our list. This insurer earned its highest scores for the ease of filing a claim and the company's customer service, although it still trailed behind most competitors in these areas. When it comes to value, many rival companies earned higher satisfaction ratings from their customers. A higher percentage of Progressive's customers planned not to renew than any other company.

Eighth Place: Travelers 

The second-lowest spot in our ranking of the best car insurance companies is held by Travelers. As you might expect from a low-ranked insurer, Travelers customers did not report high satisfaction across a number of questions in our survey. Drivers who filed claims with Travelers were not pleased with the way the company resolved claims, and many don't think Travelers offers a good value. 

Interestingly, Travelers earned a decent score when we asked if people would recommend it to friends or family, but it earned a low score when we asked if they themselves would renew their policies.

Ninth Place: Allstate 

Allstate tries to keep most of its customers in good hands, since the majority of respondents said they were satisfied with how easy it was to file a claim. However, Allstate trailed most competitors in most areas we measured. Many survey respondents indicated that Allstate’s rates are not competitive, and that they were less likely to renew their policies compared to customers of rival insurance companies. 

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