If your doctor recommends it, there are ways to lose weight safely. Food is the most important thing to keep the body well and healthy. If food is not eaten properly, the body does not get proper nutrition. This causes various problems in the body.

There is a long break between dinner and breakfast. And it is very important to eat properly at this time. Because, on an empty stomach, the right food keeps the digestion process going throughout the day. There are some foods that help with digestion as well as weight loss.

What to drink on an empty stomach to lose weight


Eating papaya on an empty stomach is a good way to cleanse your body of toxins and ensure smooth bowel movement. What’s more, it is easily available round the year.


They are also known to lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart diseases. Papaya is a super food to control bowel movements. It is available all year round. For this reason, you can keep papaya for regular breakfast. This fruit not only removes toxins from the body, but also reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol.

Enjoy Eggs for a Protein-Rich Breakfast

In an eight-week study published in the International Journal of Obesity, overweight men and women who ate two eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who ate bagels. 

Eating eggs in the morning makes the stomach feel full. Many studies have shown that eating eggs on an empty stomach in the morning reduces total caloric intake and helps reduce fat.

Soaked nuts

Almonds rich in manganese, vitamin E, fiber, omega three and omega six fatty acids should always be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning after soaking overnight. 

The tannins in the skin of almonds prevent the absorption of nutrients in the body, so nuts should always be peeled.


Made with 90 percent water, this fruit is good for hydration in the body. Eating watermelon on an empty stomach not only reduces sugar addiction but also reduces calorie intake.

Watermelon is a fruit rich in electrolytes. It is rich in lycopene which is good for heart and eye health.

Chia seeds

These tiny seed are filled with protein, fibre, calcium, anti-oxidants and Omega 3s. The best way to eat them is when they have been soaked overnight. Chia seeds have the ability to expand in your stomach and keep you fuller for long. This way they aid in weight loss. 

When they are soaked they develop a gelatinous coating that helps them move swiftly in the digestive system.


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