Want sleep for everyone,Scientists still do not know everything about sleep, how sleep is. However, scientists know that every mammal, bird and most snakes, amphibians and fish all need sleep.Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body, 

What happens during sleep?

The brain is recharged. The body cells are repaired. All the important hormones are secreted from the body.

The need for sleep varies with age. 18 hours for children. 11 hours for 3-12 year olds. 9 hours for 13-16 year olds. 6 hours for 19-55 year olds. 6 hours for people over 65. Men spend 70 percent of their time dreaming about other men. Women dream of seeing men and women alike. Only 12 percent dream of black and white.

The recommended sleep times are broken down into nine age groups.

Age RangeRecommended Hours of Sleep
Newborn0-3 months old14-17 hours
Infant4-11 months old12-15 hours
Toddler1-2 years old11-14 hours
Preschool3-5 years old10-13 hours
School-age6-13 years old9-11 hours
Teen14-17 years old8-10 hours
Young Adult18-25 years old7-9 hours
Adult26-64 years old7-9 hours
Older Adult65 or more years old7-8 hours

In each group, the guidelines present a recommended range of nightly sleep duration for healthy individuals. In some cases, sleeping an hour more or less than the general range may be acceptable based on a person’s circumstances.

However, after the discovery of color TV, color dreaming has increased.

Whether we remember the faces we once saw or not, we see them in dreams. There are many types of sleep disorders. Parasomnia is a disorder in which many people move abnormally without sleeping. Dreaming is normal. People who do not usually dream have disabilities. 

The position in which one sleeps determines one's personality. Most people sleep with a horoscope. 41% of them think rude but in fact they are warm hearted and open people. Those who sleep like hard wood are socially butterfly-like characters. 

Those who sleep crookedly are open-minded, but skeptical. 8 percent of the people sleeping in the posture of soldiers are conservative. Those who sleep in fish poses are very good listeners. One in four married couples sleep in a different bed.

British troops first invented a way to sleep for 36 hours straight. Mammals that sleep the least, such as giraffes, 1.5 hours a day, deer 3.09 hours a day, elephants 3.1 hours a day. The longest sleeping mammals such as quails are 22 hours a day, brown bats are 19.9 hours, and pangolins are 18 hours a day. When dolphins sleep, only half of their brains sleep. The other part stays awake and runs the breathing cycle. He died after being deprived of sleep before he died due to food poisoning. Death can occur in 2 weeks of fasting but if you are sleepless in 10 days, death comes slowly.

The blind also see various reflections in their dreams. Those who are born blind also dream: dreaming of emotions, feelings, sounds, smells. Within five minutes of waking up, we forget 50 percent of the dream. In 10 minutes, 90 percent of the dreams come true from the mind.


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