How To Wear A Polo Shirt

The Polo shirt is a simple but timeless piece of clothing. As a excellent alternative to the traditional T-shirt, you can easily dress this up or down, just by adding key pieces to complement it. With its distinctive collar, buttons, and breathable fabric, it’s an item you can wear to any occasion. Whether the temperature rises or there is a drop in mercury, here are the best ways to wear a polo shirt.

Polo Shirt + Sweatpants

But in the case of fashion-conscious youth, clothing should not only be comfortable, but also a trend. Young people tend to wear T-shirts in hot weather. T-shirts are also much lighter and more comfortable than other garments. However, if one wants both casual and semi-formal look at the same time, then one can choose polo t-shirt or polo shirt.

Polo Shirt Styles
Classic Cotton Polo Shirts

Polo shirts, said to be the advent of the British royal family in the late nineteenth century. This outfit is specially made for outdoor or polo play. Later, in tennis and golf, polo shirts became the clothing of the players. Since then, its popularity has been growing.

Polo Shirt + Sweatpants

Polo t-shirts have a smart and luxury look at the same time. And the colorful polo shirts are trendy now. The choice can be made according to the environmental situation. Again, many offices do not always have to comply with the dress code. Such clothes can be easily chosen in those offices. However, in the case of the office should be careful in color selection. Light colors should be chosen. Such as white, light blue, green leafy green etc. Apart from the office, polo shirts can be worn effortlessly at various parties or chats with friends.

Colours Are Important

In this case, the colors of youth are appropriate. Such as yellow, orange, red, black. And for those who are young in age, there are various designs of polo shirts available in the market. In addition, the pola shirt can be worn depending on the environment. 

Light colored polo shirts should be worn in very hot weather. Because, light colors absorb less heat. On the day when it is a little cloudy or raining, you can wear a dark polo shirt if you want. So, it is better not to use black and red polo shirts on sunny days as it is too hot.

Fashion trends are no longer limited to one color. The popularity of color contrast is now everywhere. Even striped and checkered now have a variety of color contrast. From this point of view, check and print polo t-shirts are also popular in the current trend. 

Apart from this, this dress is also great to bring variety in style statement. The main difference between a polo t-shirt and a round neck plain t-shirt is the collar. For this reason, polo also gives a somewhat formal look to the t-shirt.

What to Wear With a Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt + Chinos

To take the formal look a bit further, polo t-shirts have now been given across pockets, which is quite popular in the current trend. The use of jeans or chinos is more. The shirt can also be worn after tuck-in. However, it also gives a nice look with different types of trousers.

Shoes should be chosen according to the look. Loafers, sneakers, sneakers, Converse are all compatible with this. Even formal shoes.


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  2. A Polo shirt can be handily worn for any relaxed event, from open-air grills with companions to excursions to the shops. They effectively coordinate with relaxed shorts in the late spring or pants and shoes in the colder time of year. In the cooler months, you can serenely layer your polo with an easygoing coat for a brilliant look. Polos that include more brilliant shadings, stripes and prints on them are additionally a great method for flaunting your character and relaxed look.

  3. A polo shirt is a perfect balance between casual and formal. It's formal than a crew neck tee and casual than a dress shirt. And it works perfectly for the summers


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