Mango helps to increase immunity. It contains a lot of beta-carotene and calories.Vitamins are not found directly from plant material, beta-carotene acts as vitamin A. There are also plenty of calories, which build up energy in the body. Mango contains iron, fiber, potassium, vitamin C and minerals to keep the body healthy and strong.

Learn about the extraordinary nutritional value and health benefits of mango

Mango nutrition

Mango is a fruit rich in high protein, vitamins A, C, B6, K, folic acid, fiber and potassium. It also contains copper, calcium, iron, magnesium and antioxidants such as beta carotene and xanthine.

Health benefits of mango

Eating mango reduces the risk of many health problems associated with our lifestyle. Many studies have shown that eating mango reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It also has a role in changing skin and hair color, increasing body strength, preventing colon cancer, and improving bone and digestive energy. Here are some health benefits of mango-

Cancer prevention

Ame has antioxidants that can help prevent colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancer, researchers say.

Lowers cholesterol levels

The high levels of vitamin C, pectin and fiber in mango reduce cholesterol levels. A very good source of potassium, an important compound for body fluids and cells, is fresh mango which helps in controlling high blood pressure and heart rate.

To keep the skin clean and youthful

Vitamin C in mango helps in the production of collagen which makes the skin fresh and tight. Eating mango reduces the amount of skin damage caused by sunlight. In addition, if ripe mango is used as a mask on the skin, the dirt accumulated in the pores is removed.

To lose weight

We have a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Fiber helps in digestion of food and helps the body to burn extra calories. In addition, eating mango reduces appetite and regulates cholesterol and glucose levels.

In the protection of the heart

Mangoes are high in fiber and antioxidants, which significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. One cup of mangoes contains 3 grams of fiber. Research shows that every 8 grams of fiber reduces the risk of heart disease by 9%.

Diabetes control

Not only mango but also mango leaves are very useful. Those who have diabetes, if they wash 5-6 mango leaves and boil them in a pot and leave it overnight and drink its decoction in the morning, then it helps in controlling the level of insulin. In addition, mango has a low glycemic index (41-60), so if it is eaten more often, the sugar level will not increase too much.

Preventing constipation

High fiber mango is very beneficial for health. It is very effective for good digestion and prevention of constipation.


Mango has aphrodisiac properties and is also called 'Love Fruit'. It enhances male masculinity. Ame contains a lot of vitamin E, which helps control sex hormones.

Preventing asthma

People who eat mango are less likely to have asthma. This is one of the amazing health benefits of mango. The high beta carotene in it plays an important role in preventing asthma.

Eye care

Mango contains a lot of vitamin A. Just one cup of ripe mango can meet 25% of the daily requirement of vitamin A. It also helps to improve eyesight, prevents dry eyes and night blindness.

Prevention of birth defects

There are many benefits to eating mango during pregnancy. Mango is rich in B vitamins. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, niacin and folic acid. Folic acid is especially important for pregnant women because it reduces the chances of birth defects. The daily requirement for folic acid is 400 micrograms and one cup of fresh mango is 61 micrograms. Mango is a good source of minerals including potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Helps in digestion

Mango is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. The enzymes in it help to break down proteins. The fiber in mango helps in digestion and elimination of waste.

Heat stroke prevention

In the scorching heat of summer, mixing a little water with a mango juice and a tablespoon of honey instantly cools the body and prevents heat stroke.

Increasing immunity

It is very effective in boosting immunity due to the excellent combination of vitamin C, A and about 25 different types of carotenoids.

The body is clean

Rubbing a little honey and milk all over the body with ripe mango paste will make the skin soft and smooth.

To increase attention and memory

This results in high levels of glutamine acid, a protein that plays an important role in improving attention and memory. Children who are inattentive to education should be allowed to eat mango.

In anemia control

Mango high iron is a very good way to overcome anemia.

To reduce kidney stones

In Chinese medicine, mango is considered to be sour, sweet and has a cooling power to reduce the risk of kidney stones.

As a proper snack

You can eat delicious mango for breakfast without eating unhealthy food like chips and biscuits.

As a stomach tonic

Before going to bed at night, cover it with a lid with 10/15 leaves in hot water and drink it regularly in the morning to get empty. It is very good for the stomach.

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