How to Protect and Clean White Upholstered Furniture bedroom

Timeless fashion can be a house decorated with white furniture. It is also a common concept among architects and interior designers. White furniture enhances light and brightness in the room. Designers prefer white as the signature color of summer. Because, this color brings peace and comfort in the house. Coastal, French Provincial, Scandinavian and minimal themes are very popular for arranging white furniture. Kenneth Boyer, an American interior designer, thinks, ‘Large sized white furniture also looks much smaller when it reflects light on white, which is not the case with other dark colors. Apart from this, white furniture is the most effective way to bring nobility to the space of the house.

But it is more difficult to capture the beauty of white furniture than any ordinary piece of furniture. In addition, there are many differences in the type of care for white furniture. The first step in keeping white furniture white and beautiful is to ensure that it cannot be removed repeatedly. That is, it is better not to bring and take from one house to another. It is better to arrange the furniture in the house with professionals. There are many types of sprays available in the market for white furniture. 

Use of slipcover

The use of slip covers is a great way to keep the color, brightness and finish of white furniture good. If covered at all times, it will be protected from outside dust and sun heat. And if the upper cover is dirty, it should be opened for washing. However, before using the cover again, the cover should be wiped with a dry cloth.

Stain reduction

White furniture stains very easily. These spots become more visible when light. But if the stain is left, it cannot be left, it must be removed immediately. Cotton cloth or sponge should be used instead of synthetic cloth to wipe the stain. Cotton cloth or sponge will stain quickly. In addition, a type of varnish is available to remove stains on white furniture. This will also help to remove stains. Stains can be removed even with ordinary soap and water. However, it must be wiped again with normal water.

To clean

Any furniture needs to be cleaned to protect it from dust and dirt. This is because dust destroys the color and luster of the furniture. It is best to clean white furniture with a vacuum cleaner. It will clean the dirt and will not have any stains from rubbing. However, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you need to use a soft brush. Hard furniture can never be used with a hard brush.

Use of lint roller

Lint rollers are a modern and easy way to clean anything, from clothes to furniture, says architect Rafia Mariam Ahmed. It is a kind of roller with gum on the top of the paper. When the roller is rotated on the dirty furniture, it sticks to the dirty paper gum. When the paper gum is finished, you can cut the paper and use your new part again.

Do not keep in the sun

Expert Rafia Mariam Ahmed advised not to keep any furniture in the sun. Because, the heat of the sun is good for wooden furniture. But in the case of white furniture its the opposite. The reason is that in the heat of the sun, the yellow color turns white. So white furniture cannot be kept in a place where the sun comes directly.

Deep clean

White furniture must be deep cleaned one day a month. This expert said that the formula for making Deep Clean formula at home. For this you have to take 2 percent normal water and mix 1 part white vinegar in it. Now you have to wipe the furniture with a soft cloth.

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