Top Exercises and Yoga Poses to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There are even ways to get the desired slimming, toning, reshaped face. However, the easiest and most natural method of face reshaping and contouring is face yoga.

Face yoga is very popular nowadays for its naturally and instinctively smooth and shapely face. Hollywood's Megan Merkel is equally popular with Bollywood celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian. The journey of face yoga started from the reliance that yoga has got on everyone in the current decade to keep the body fit.

Fumiko Takatsu, a Japanese teacher, first introduced face yoga. Fumiko still had beautiful skin and appearance at the age of 30, but a car accident changed both his life and appearance. Fumiko wrote on his webpage about the birth of Face Yoga, "If I can exercise regularly to keep my body fit, I can do it to keep my face fit."

Fumiko continued to do small exercises on his face for a few weeks and noticed interesting changes. Gradually, his method became so popular that he wrote six books in a row on Face Yoga, one of which became the best-selling book in Japan. 

The main mantra of working with face yoga is to awaken the dormant muscles of the face. It increases the blood circulation in the mouth, which also acts as an anti-oxidant supplier to the skin. Facial tissues and muscles, which are more commonly used in daily life, are usually responsible for facial wrinkles. Usually after the age of 30, the impression of age, wrinkles on the face, exposed lines of the laffline, wrinkled muscles in the middle of the eyebrows and forehead, j line hanging or narrow jaw — these begin to appear. The way you reduce excess body fat exercise or yoga, you should be equally careful to reduce excess fat on the face and neck.

Notice, many older people feel sullen. Because, the skin around their lips sags a bit with age. Though there is youth in the mind, the impression of age indicates beforehand. In that case, face yoga is a fancy technique to retain youth. The various textures of Face Yoga naturally toning and contouring the facial skin, increasing blood flow to the less used facial tissues.

As a result, fat does not accumulate easily, it lifts the eyebrows and eyebrows, scalping the cheekbones and restores the natural radiance of the face. In modern life we spend most of our time on the phone, or in front of a laptop or desktop. Problems like double chin, puffy eyes, turkey neck are caused by five to seven hours of desktop life daily. There is a solution to these problems in Face Yoga.

What to do before starting face yoga

Face yoga for a shapely face

There is no set time for face yoga. You can do it at least once a day for 5-10 minutes whenever you like, especially while driving, reading, cooking or walking. But the prerequisite of face yoga is a relaxed and moisturizing face.

When the facial muscles are not relaxed, the skin tissues become compressed and stiff. Again, due to anxiety and excessive tension, the impression of age on the face goes away very quickly. Because, facial tissues are deeply connected with brain tissue. The second condition is to clean the face well and apply moisturizer before face yoga.

Some simple face yoga style

To keep the eyebrows taut: First smile and hold the two eyebrows upwards using three finger tips of both hands and try to lower the eyelids downwards. With that you have to try to rotate the eyeballs. This should be done three times for a period of 20 seconds with a short break. Since the tissues around the eyes are much softer, they should always be gently pressed or pulled with care.

For neck and jaw toning: Our body is connected by the neck and jaw platisma muscles. For this yoga, you have to relax your shoulders first. Keep the chin to one side at an angle of 45 degrees and keep the lips slightly elevated as if kissing in the air. Leave it for 10 seconds, relax, change the side and do it again for 10 seconds 3 times.

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To eliminate puffy eyes, icebags and dark circles: The middle of both hands should be gently placed in the corners of the right and left eyes and nose, respectively, and the index finger in the outer corner of the eye. This will create an English large ‘V’ shape. This time the face should be kept in the ‘O’ shape of the English hand, i.e. the lips should be on the inside. Then gently press the fingers and just lift the eyes upwards. Remember, you can't fold your forehead at this time. You have to have 10 seconds like this. Then you have to do it twice more with a break.

Face yoga for a shapely face

For face contouring and reducing excess fat on the cheeks: These yoga methods are very simple and easy to do anytime. Leave it for 20 seconds with the mouth full of air. This has to be done twice more. Then inflate the cheeks on one side with air and leave it for 10 seconds and after 10 seconds inflate the face with air on the other side. Do it three times with a break. The sleeping tissue of the face can also be awakened by kissing in the air and lips like a fish. These also work as natural toning.

To overcome laughter: Many people think that laughter is created because of our laughter. This is not true. With age, when the cheek muscles are larger than the fat jaws, a kind of wrinkle is visible. To get rid of it, you have to take out the air little by little by shaping the English big hand ‘O’ on the outside of the lips with the mouth full of air. In this case the upper lip cannot be brought down.

Face yoga for a shapely face

Face yoga is a natural method. Success in continuity — This applies to face yoga. And Face Yoga is tested to re-create graceful and symmetrical face by fighting with the impression of age.

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