Perfect tidy eye makeup finish, but the thick ink in the lap of the eye without cutting for an hour! Kajal Dhebre, mascara melts yachchetai condition! If you wear makeup, repairing it is quite a mess, there is no point in wearing eye makeup. The whole face is covered with soot! Almost every one of us has ever been in this situation!

Eye makeup tips

eye makeup
eye makeup

Avoid cream formula eye makeup

Eye makeup is available in various formulas. Some cream, some powder, some liquid. Cream-based eye makeup is very easy to wear but it can be applied very quickly. Cream eyeshadows, cream eyeliners, even eye creams create an oily coating over the eyes which is not at all convenient as a mascara base! When you come in contact with the oil, you can apply mascara on the eyelids and cheeks. So don't use cream-based eye makeup to avoid getting mascara smudges, but choose gel, powder or matte textured makeup.

Keep blotting paper close at hand

Many people's upper eyelids are a little oily. Naturally, they are more prone to smudge eye makeup. To avoid this problem, apply a little blotting paper on the eyelids before applying makeup and absorb the excess oil. Then start the makeup.

Use eye primer

Everyone can use eye primer to keep the eye makeup perfect for a long time. But for those whose eyes are oily, it is a must to use their primer! The eyelids will be oil free and smudge proof for a long time. First apply primer on the eyelids, then start the rest of the makeup.

Be sure to set the makeup

Setting your makeup without spray but not complete! After finishing the makeup, if you sprinkle the setting spray well all over your face, you will be able to avoid the fear of untimely smudging makeup.

Wear mascara on the bottom page first

Most of us girls are accustomed to wearing mascara before the upper eyelids. But there is a fear of getting mascara. This is because when you start wearing mascara on the upper lashes, when you start wearing lashes on the lower lashes, naturally the tendency to raise the eyes a little higher goes away and as a result the half-dried mascara on the upper lashes gets stuck under the eyebrows. So always apply mascara on the lower eyelid first, then give it a minute to dry. Then apply mascara on the upper lashes. It will prevent mascara from sticking.

How to remove eye makeup?

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