For those who wear very high heels, there is still a reason for pain in the ankles. But those who do not wear it, many of them have a lot of pain in the ankles after sitting in a chair for a long time or after waking up in the morning. After that, the ankle pain gradually subsides as you walk on the ground, but the discomfort remains. The cause of this problem is inflammation of a hardened ligament called the plantar fascia of the ankle. When you are running or jumping, the whole body weight falls on top of this plantar fascia. If for some reason the problem starts in this ligament then the pain in the leg starts.

Ankle pain after running?Ankle pain treatment

Disorders in the alignment of the feet

If the arch on the soles of our feet is too low or too high, the plantar fascia begins to put extra pressure. To solve this problem you need to wear the right shoes at all times. Then the pain will be reduced.

Consequences of standing for a long time

Do you have to stand for a long time at work? This puts more pressure on your ligaments. Those who are forced to wear high heels with it again, their problem is further aggravated. If you need to stand alone, then at least get in the habit of wearing the right shoes with the advice of a doctor.

Stretch well before a workout 

Those who exercise regularly, they must stretch well before starting exercise. Otherwise, the ligaments of the legs may be injured.

Don't wear the soles of your shoes when they are worn out

At a time when the soles of your shoes start to wear out, discard the shoes when that happens. Wearing corroded heels leaves a huge risk of foot damage.

This can also be due to sudden weight gain

If the weight suddenly increases, then there will be extra pressure on the ligaments and in that case there may be pain.

If you want to cure this problem, you have to take the advice of a doctor. Wear shoes that can provide very good support to your feet. You can wear sports shoes, even if you use insoles, it works well many times. Ice packs can be used to reduce pain. You will get good results even if you practice stretching.


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