It is difficult to find people who do not burn their tongues while drinking tea or coffee. Burning of the tongue, lips and palate is very common in hot food. Because people like to eat hot food including tea, coffee, pizza. Many times the food does not wait until it cools down a bit, so this is what happens. 

What can i do if i burn my tongue

The mucous membranes inside the mouth are much more delicate than the skin in other parts of the body, so they burn less. In other words, hot food alone can not be blamed for this, because the skin of this place itself is very flexible. The severity of tongue burns can be as wide as in other places. Most burns from hot foods and liquid drinks are usually first-degree burns, which cause rapid irritation and heal fairly quickly, usually within a week.
First degree tongue burns are painful and show redness or swelling. But more severe symptoms such as blisters indicate second-degree burns and white or black burns on the tongue are clearly third-degree burns. In case of second and third degree burns should go to the doctor. Most burns from hot food and liquid drinks are usually first degree burns, so you can soothe the tongue in this case in a homely way. Find out what to do if the tongue or the inner skin of the mouth is burnt. 

Cool the tongue quickly: If the tongue burns, you should try to cool it first. As soon as possible, cold water should be left in the mouth for some time. If you want, cool it with cold water. In this case, if a piece of ice is put in the mouth, it can get stuck in the wound and cause more damage. Also, according to experts, a little sugar can be given to the wound, thereby reducing the pain. 

Avoid salty foods: Avoid foods and drinks that can irritate the tongue. Spicy foods and hot drinks must be avoided at this time, otherwise the condition of the tongue may worsen. Avoid alcohol as well. Also, skip other foods that cause burning or discomfort in the tongue. Chips should not be eaten as a raw food. Eat soft and light food. Avoid brushing your tongue: Those who understand the importance of health awareness brush their teeth as well as their teeth every day. 

If you go to the dentist, he may advise you to brush your tongue twice a day, but do not accept it if your tongue burns. According to experts, the tongue should not be brushed during healing to prevent burn tongue pain and sensitivity. Drink milk: If you drink milk or eat dairy foods, you can get relief from burnt tongue. According to experts, burnt milk can give a coating to the tongue and cool it. You can also eat yogurt to get these benefits. Rinse with salt water:

You can rinse with salt water two to three times a day. Cooling with salt-water acts as an antiseptic and prevents infection. You can rinse with salt water after eating and before going to sleep to soothe the burnt tongue. You can make salt water by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. Also, the burnt area of ​​the tongue should not be touched with the finger, as this will cause more discomfort and bacterial infection. Take pain medication (if needed): Medication is usually not needed if the tongue burns in hot food. But if you feel a lot of pain then you can take pain medication. The only painkillers we usually use without a doctor's advice are ibuprofen or acetaminophen / paracetamol. If you do not see any signs of recovery after a week, consider going to the doctor.

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