White teeth as white as pearls, and many things can be said with a sweet smile. But many times due to black or yellow teeth, you have to smile and read with hesitation and shame. Such color of teeth is normal due to lifestyle and some habits.

Tooth decay is usually caused by alcohol, excessive tea-coffee, lack of personal hygiene, smoking, etc. Many people go to the doctor to restore the normal color of the teeth. But there are more affordable but effective ways to get beautiful teeth.

Way to whiten teeth

We have all heard about dental care many times. But are the methods we follow in that care really the right ones?

We do everything from expensive toothpaste to regular visits to the dentist to whiten our teeth. But with a homemade ingredient you can whiten your teeth if you want. The ingredient is bay leaf.

Bay leaves are very useful to whiten teeth. However, this bay leaf should be mixed with any sour fruit. For example, with orange peel or leaf lemon peel.


4 bay leaves (either raw or dried),

Orange lemon or lemon peel (equal amount of bay leaves),

2-3 cloves if you have bad breath or gum pain.

How to make a pack:

• First take bay leaves or finely grind.

• Dry the peel of orange lemon or leaf lemon and mix it with cloves and grind it.

• This time mix a little salt with all these ingredients.

Remember, fruit peels must be dried. Because, in the raw state, they can damage the teeth.

Terms of use:

Mix this powder with a little water and brush your teeth at least once a day 3 days a week. Rose brushing is not required, it can damage the teeth. Depending on the yellowing of the teeth, use two or three days a week. Yes, you can get white shiny, beautiful teeth at very little cost

How to whiten teeth with lemon

Lemon and baking powder paste

Many people have heard about the effectiveness of baking powder for whiter teeth. Make a paste by mixing lemon juice with this powder and brush your teeth with a toothbrush. Leave this paste on the face for one minute and then wash it off. The acid will not have a detrimental effect on tooth enamel. However, refrain from using this paste regularly, it can be harmful instead of beneficial.

A mixture of strawberries and salt

Strawberries have lots of vitamin C to whiten teeth. It contains an enzyme called malic acid which can reduce the yellowing of teeth. Make a paste by grinding three strawberries and mixing a pinch of salt with it. Brush it and brush your teeth. Before washing the face, the paste should be left on the face for five minutes. You can also mix baking powder in it. However, it is better not to use this paste too ofte

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Coconut oil

Leave the mouthful of coconut oil as a mouthwash for 10 to 15 minutes. Then cool it and throw it away. Wash your face and brush. Teeth can be brushed in this way once a day.

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