There is no end to the problems of oily skin owners. If you go a little sideways in cosmetic selection, you have to face stubborn problems like acne. So today I will talk to you about using some simple products to take care of oily skin and keep makeup on oily skin. Which will keep your makeup beautiful and smooth on the skin for a long time and at the same time take care of your oily skin.

Make makeup lasting on oily skin, in some easy way


If your skin is oily then you need primer the most. You must use primer to make your makeup last longer. For oily skin, your makeup easily becomes oily and melts on the face. So before applying the foundation, you must apply primer on the face, it will increase the durability of your make-up. It can also be your high lighter or blush. The primer makes them brighter. All you need to do is apply a little primer to your skin to make it flawless.


One of the common misconceptions of those with oily skin is that they prefer formulas that make their skin lifeless and dry in a matter of days. These formulas absorb the natural oils of the skin and that is why you should choose a light quality oil free cleanser for oily skin care. Which will have good scrubbing power and will bring out the real beauty of the skin. The cleanser prevents the pores of the skin from closing and also helps in air circulation.

Facial mask

Facial masks are mainly made for oily skin. This product prevents excess oil from coming out on your skin. However, if you do not want to be treated with chemical products on the market, you can take care of oily skin by making a homemade pack at home. Sheet masks also work well for skin care.

Easy technique to remove eye makeup


Scrub removes dead skin cells from your oily skin and rejuvenates the skin. The scrub also removes your blackheads, cleanses pores and removes other blemishes on the skin. Take the scrub of your choice with a small hand and gently rub it on your face for 2 minutes. Leave on for a while and then rinse with cold water.


The steamer is very useful in the care of your oily skin. It helps to open the pores of your skin and helps to get the dirt out of the skin. There is no harm in not having a steamer in your house. You can also take steam in a bowl with hot water. When taking steam, cover your head with a towel so that hot air cannot escape.

Waterproof kajal and eye liner

If your skin is oily, you must not use waterproof kajal and eye liner, otherwise your oily skin may become oily on the eyelids.


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