Lemons contain a variety of nutrients that help the body build resistance against various cancers.

Lemon has some remarkable health benefits

The body's immune system needs to survive corona. As a result of this ability, you can fight any chronic disease, not just coronary heart disease. And lemon is very necessary to increase the resistance to that disease.We eat lemons in our daily life, we all eat more or less. It is usually used to enhance the taste of food. Again, many people eat it by making pickles. Although a small fruit in the form of a lemon, it has many benefits and is also rich in nutrients.

Let's find out some of the great benefits of lemon

Lemon prevents cancer

Lemons contain a variety of nutrients that help the body build resistance against various cancers. By keeping lemon in our regular diet, we can prevent cancer.

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Lemon keeps the stomach healthy

Lemon is the ideal tonic for those who suffer from stomach upset. Stomach upset, diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, our discomfort, a glass of lemon + salt water in the beginning will relieve you from this pain. One teaspoon of honey with lemon is better.

Lemon is good for the lungs

Lemon takes care of the lungs and removes toxins from the body, lemon keeps the body fat and lipid levels low.

Lemon heals wounds

Lemon is high in vitamins which boosts the body's immune system. It is very effective in controlling any viral infections like cold, flu, fever and is also important in healing urinary tract ulcers.

 Lemon reduces hyper tension

People who do not get enough potassium in their diet are more likely to develop various heart diseases. Lemon juice contains sufficient amount of potassium which helps in reducing hypertension.

Lemon skin care

There is no pair of lemon as a natural cleanser, it helps to retain the beauty of the skin, using lemon juice mixed with honey enhances the beauty of the skin. It controls the contraction of the skin. Removes excess oil from the skin. Lemon juice is a natural anti-septic. Eliminates bacterial infections. Cures acne, brightens skin tone. Eliminates age wrinkles.

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Lemon removes bad breath

Eliminates gum pain, dental problems, bad breath. There is no need to brush your teeth after eating lemon water.

Lemon makes nails beautiful

When you polish your nails with a little lemon, the nails get a bright color back from their discoloration. Dipping the feet, hands, in lemon water is also a benefit.

Benefits of lemon water in the morning

We usually use lemons to enhance the taste of food and to make sherbet on hot days. But the benefits do not end there. Lemons contain vitamin C and minerals that help our lungs to function properly by reducing our heart rate. And it is better to drink lemon water in the morning. If you drink a cup of lemon water regularly in the morning, your body will get magical benefits.

First of all, lemons contain vitamin C. Doctors are repeatedly advising to take vitamin C during corona. An adult needs 85 to 90 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Whose lemon can only fill. Lemon can also reduce the risk of stroke by lowering high blood pressure.

Lemon increases digestive energy. Lemon is very important in keeping the digestive power strong. Digestive problems weaken the body's resistance. Constipation is also avoided by eating lemon. The body gets rid of toxins.

The most effective ingredient in the body is antioxidants. It protects our body cells from damage Antioxidants also help build the body's resistance to disease.

Lemon helps to meet the deficiency of water in the body. An adult female needs 91 ounces of water per day, an adult male needs 125 ounces of water. However, many times that amount of water is not consumed. Playing lemon fills that gap.

Lemon juice helps to shed body fat. The result is not weight gain. If you can eat lemon juice once a day, the impression of age on the body will not be noticed. As a result, your youth will be caught for many days.

How to drink:

Mix lemon juice with a little warm water or room temperature water on this hot day. Not lime, lemon juice. Ripe, that is, ripe yellow juice. Otherwise there may be a problem of acidity on an empty stomach! If you weigh less than 150 pounds, mix half a lemon juice in a glass of water. And if it is more than 150 pounds, then mix a whole lemon juice


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