Shampoo should be done regularly to keep the hair short or big clean. Hair will not be clean if you wet your hair and apply shampoo on it and remove the foam. Properly shampooed to keep hair clean and at the same time keep hair looking good.

First of all, you have to understand the hair type and choose shampoo and conditioner

Almost everyone is now suffering from the problem of keeping hair straight due to dust, dirt and pollution. If you don't shampoo every other day, your hair will feel sticky. Again, the chemicals in the shampoo continue to damage the hair. Our negligence is on him. If you want to keep your hair straight, you have to be careful about shampooing. 

How to shampoo hair properly

It is very important to choose shampoo according to the type of hair. And for this you need to know if your hair is dry, oily or brittle. If necessary, you can also take the advice of a hair specialist. As well as products that have shampoo and conditioner together can be avoided. While this may seem like an excellent way to reduce costs, it is not possible to actually do both hair shampooing and conditioning with a single product. Using the same shampoo for a long time can also be harmful for the hair

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Hair does not get wet well: 

If the hair is not well wetted before shampooing, the shampoo cannot do its job well. As a result, the hair becomes rough and dry. So the hair should be soaked for two-three minutes before shampooing.

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Not getting the shampoo in the right place: 

It is more important to get the shampoo in the hair follicles. Remember that shampoo is more needed at the beginning of the hair. And the conditioner will work towards the hair ends. In addition, if the shampoo is poured in the same place on the head every time you shampoo, the skin there may become dry.

How to properly use dry shampoo: 

Hair should not be shampooed every day. This can make the hair rough. Shampoo at least once a day. If you get excess dust on your hair, you can use 'dry shampoo'


Hair loses moisture whenever we shampoo. So it is necessary to do conditioning every time to maintain the health of the hair. But many times we do not do conditioning to save time. Remember that conditioning only takes two minutes. Do not damage the hair to save time.

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Mistakes in washing hair:

 If you wash quickly after use, the shampoo will not work properly. Massage the hair and leave it for a few minutes then wash it off. And try to avoid washing hair with hot water. Washing with cold water closes the hair follicles. As a result, the hair is shiny and soft. Hair loss is also reduced.

I will not do that

Many people apply oil to their hair before shampooing, even if it is not a problem, it cannot be applied to dirty hair.

Shampoo cannot be given directly without wetting the hair.

Trying to clean the dirt by rubbing hard is not the right method.

Conditioner should be used only at the beginning, not at the beginning. Its job is to soften the hair. If you apply it at the beginning, the roots of the hair will become soft.

Hair should not be wiped with a towel after washing.

It is not advisable to brush your hair with a towel or towel to dry your hair.

Wet hair should not be combed.

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