The easiest and shortcut way to detoxify the skin by repairing the damage caused to the skin due to dust-smoke-pollution is to apply a face mask. There are so many face masks in the market now that many people do not understand exactly which mask is suitable for them! In fact, who needs a face mask depends on the skin problem. Think about what your problem is and choose your ideal face mask accordingly

There are different types of face masks, find out which mask to use

Face mask pattern

Peel-off mask

People with oily skin, often with acne, can count on a peel-off mask. A peel-off mask is a gel-like thing that dries after being applied to the face and has to be pulled out. When the mask is pulled, all the dead cells and dust that have accumulated in the face also come up with the mask. So if you have acne problems, close your eyes and choose a peel-off mask to control the oiliness of the skin.

Slip mask

The slip mask is the exact opposite of the peel-off mask. It is also called overnight mask. This means that you can sleep peacefully by applying this mask on your face. This mask works to restore moisture to dry skin. Sleep at night, moist in the morning, glowing skin will greet you!

Bubble mask

This object is relatively new. The popularity of bubble mask will catch your eye as soon as you visit Instagram. This mask is normal before applying, but after applying it on the face, it starts swelling like soap foam and at the same time cleanses the pores of the skin deeply and nourishes the skin. If your skin looks lifeless, pores are closed, choose a bubble mask.

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Shit mask

Do not have time at hand, but want to quickly bring beauty to the skin? Sheet mask appearing for you. This mask, which looks like a thin cotton cloth, contains a mixture of serum and other beneficial ingredients that provide anti-oxidants to the skin. Shit masks cost a little more, but there is no pair of this thing to provide quick moisture to the skin!

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