The quality of the black hair of the young woman of that era has come in the various descriptions of the poets. However, in this age, many people love colored hair more than black hair. Again the color of colored hair also changes with time. Let us know the trend of hair color at this time.

The use of multiple colors in the hair is now quite visible

Hair color ideas

At the time of the epidemic, the trend seems to have come up in fashion to suit the situation. The trend of being able to paint yourself while sitting at home is quite visible. Such is the case with wide highlighting. This is the current trend of hair color, if you want to dye your hair, you have to take care of many other things. It is a matter of what color the black hair of a Bengali woman suits. Skin color is also a consideration, not every color can suit everyone. But the biggest thing is that no matter what the size or shape of the hair, whether you are comfortable with the color of the hair, whether it matches with your personality.

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Want such colors

Auburn, rusty red, copper red, toffee brown, chestnut brown, cinnamon brown, honey brown and other warm shades of brown, gray, pastel pink, silver or platinum can be dyed. Can Ash Blonde. You can also choose multiple color combinations. There are also subtle highlights in the current trend. If you have a long time, you can also make such colors. Such as dark brown. The whole hair can be dyed in any color like dark chocolate color. Almost all shades of brown, including honey color, are suitable for almost everyone.

More colors

If you want to use pink, green, purple or any other interesting color, it is better to use only the hair. Then, if you want, you can easily cut the painted part. He decided that it was in the current trend and made the whole hair green, but after a few days it didn't look good. In that case it may be difficult to read. In addition, after a few days (20-25 times after washing) such colors can become dirty and a little strange blonde. So if you want to make such a color in your hair, after it gets dirty, you have to make it a little longer, keep that in mind. Instead, in the case of different shades of brown, after coloring the hair, if the color shade does not look good, there is an opportunity to easily balance the first color shade by re-coloring the nearby type.

Something else

If the hair looks a little gray, the hair color can be applied leaving it. Root blonde, which means that the hair was dyed earlier, then the trend of re-emerging the original color hair from the beginning is also going on.

Color type-retention

Hair can be dyed in such a way as balayaz, glossy shiny, bread color. However, no matter which way you dye your hair, consider whether you can adopt the color in your life. Bengali women's hair is naturally unique in black. So if you want to paint, there are some things to keep in mind. Kajal may not look beautiful if she has bright golden highlights in her black hair. It is better if the whole hair is dyed with a shade of brown first. Then you can highlight as you like. Will look appropriate.

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Sumaiya Mousinin, a cosmetologist at Lavish Boutique Salon, says it is important to take regular hair care at home after coloring. Certain shampoos and conditioners are available for colored hair. They have to be used. I want to massage the oil properly. In addition, depending on the condition of the hair once or twice a month spa or hair treatment is required. With proper care, the hair does not become rough even after coloring, he said. Some more of his suggestions:

A few days after coloring the hair, the natural color is seen at the beginning of the hair. Do not dye the whole hair again, only dye that part.

After several months, the whole hair needs to be dyed again. After five-six months or more, when the hair color becomes lighter, the hair becomes dry.

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Pre-lightning is required to color the hair for the first time. But then there is no need to pre-lighten the color, unless the color style is changed. Repeated pre-lightning carries the risk of hair loss.

Once the hair is dyed, it is better to go to him for dyeing the next time. At least the first time you should dye your hair, you must take the advice of a cosmetologist.

Hair must be kept clean.

Massage the oil into the hair at least half an hour before the bath. Or you can wash your hair in the morning with oil at night if you want.

Vitamin E in hair and skin care

Do not comb your hair with a stiff brush or a thin tooth comb.

Do not apply protein pack, amla pack on dyed hair.


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