What is the secret of your beauty?

Girls do not try to look beautiful. However, there are some tips that can easily solve many problems. And the ‘finest touch’ of beauty can be found. All the secrets of beauty practice that you may not have known before.

13 beauty secrets you must know

What are some beauty secret?

Healthy and shiny skin is essential for perfect beauty. That's why most of them go to the parlor. And going to the parlor to take care of your skin means spending a lot of money.So instead of relying on current chemicals in the market, rely on domestic tips.  Here are 13 tips for you-

1. Apply Vaseline on the nails before applying nail polish. Not only will the nail polish sit nicely, you will also get a wonderful finish. You can easily apply nail polish.

2. The ends of the long hair of the head are getting blunt? Cut the roots with scissors.

3. The head of the lipstick is broken. Melt the back with a little heat. Then cover the broken front part with the rear heat part. Then leave it in the refrigerator for an hour.

4. You want to tie a tight rubber band and hang the rest of the hair. Then insert the bobby pin into the rubber band. A bunch of hair will look like a shower.

5. Want to dry nail polish soon. Dip fingernails dipped in ice cold water for a while.

6. Shave with a blade-razor to quickly remove unwanted body hair.

7. Want to bring a ‘gel’ effect to your cut-and-dried eye pencil? Burn the tip of the pencil on a little fire.

8. Use a spoon to straighten the ‘curve’ of the eye liner. Hold the spoon over the eyelids. Then apply it on the eyelids with eye liner.

9. Apply a little Vaseline on the pearls before applying the perfume. The fragrance will last a long time.

10. If the hair of the head looks long and pressed for sleeping, then before going to bed, shorten the hair and wrap it in the hand near the neck, then lengthen the hair in that part of the hair and insert the ‘hair pin’.

11. Want a playful look in the hair. First, twist the two strands of hair together. Then hit the braid on the straightener. Then remove the hair braid. You will get a wave playing look.

12. Teeth want a bright white look. Rub the strawberries on the teeth before brushing.

13. Pour a little listerine, vinegar in lukewarm water to remove the ankle crack. Then soak the ankle in water for 10 to 15 minutes. Follow this procedure for a few days. You will see the ankle crack will go away.

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