Winter lipstick colors


Lipstick is an important accessory in women's makeup. There are differences in the way it is used in different seasons. The type of lipstick that can be used in summer cannot be used in winter. The winter weather also makes some difference in the use of cosmetics. Because, at this time the body naturally loses moisture and becomes dry. Care must be taken when using cosmetics on this dry skin.

The lips are a very delicate place. As a result, extra care has to be taken to maintain its brightness and freshness. The type of lipstick used to decorate the lips has changed drastically over the ages. If you notice, it can be seen that a decade ago today, and the use of this lipstick in 2020 has made a big difference for various reasons.

Nuzhat Khan, director of Persona, said about the current trend of using lipstick, for some time now, shocking or very brightly colored lipsticks have been going on a lot, lately, the colors of darker shades have been going on more. Dark purple, black color, brick red, coffee, berry color is very popular now. Apart from this, the practice of giving lipstick in ombre style is also popular now. The ombre style is to apply a darker color around the lips and apply a relatively light shade of lipstick of the same color in the middle. Nuzhat said, it looks very good if you can mix the two colors beautifully.

Although matte lipstick is used in summer, cosmetologists forbid it in winter. According to them, matte lipstick can make the lips feel even drier this season. It will not have a fresh feeling on the lips. So before applying lipstick, you can moisturize and soften your lips with petroleum jelly. However, in such weather, it is better to apply glossy or creamy lipstick.

Don't forget to remove the lipstick completely by applying olive oil on the cotton coming from outside. The skin of the lips is very delicate, so it should not be rubbed hard, gently rub well.

Remember, to color the lips as you like, you have to let the lips stay naturally fresh. It is very important to remove the lipstick properly after a certain period of time.


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