The White House

The White House

You can call this house by any name ‘White House’ or ‘White House’! But there is no comparison with the other ten white houses. That is why it is natural for people all over the world to be curious about the splendor or luxury of this house. Because, everyone knows the picture of this traditional house in the United States. There is a lot of history involved with this house which is more than 200 years old.

The White House is the office of the President of the USA. It is also the residence of the presidents of the USA. It is located at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. Interestingly, visitors also get a chance to visit this Presidential Palace. It is natural to be curious about the history and environment of the world's most powerful heads of state. But find out about the unknown white house-

A brief history of the White House

George Washington, the first president of the United States, chose the site of the White House in 1791. Its construction work started on 13 October 1792. Competitions were held among architects for the design of the White House. The winner of that competition was James Hoban, an architect of Irish descent. President Washington chose the design of the vast Georgian-style building in Hoban from at least six of the designs given by architects. This is the beginning of the journey of this iconic building in the United States.

The White House

In the artist's paintings, architect James Hoban (right) and President Washington (left) inspect the construction of the White House. President John Adams and First Lady Abigail Adams became the first residents of the White House on November 1, 1800, after nearly eight years of construction work. Even then, the work of the White House was not completely finished. Sandstone is used in the construction of this building. It was not called the White House then. It is popularly known as 'White House' because of the white coating on the walls with lime.

In August 1814, much of the White House was burned down by British troops. At the time, lawmakers wanted to move the White House to another city. But in the end, Hoban was called back and the renovation work started. After the reforms, in 1818, President James Munro rose to the White House. Although the White House underwent many reforms in the nineteenth century, it underwent many modernizations in the twentieth century. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Harry S. Truman West Wing, Oval Office and many other new installations came to the White House. Subsequent presidents have made changes and reforms according to their personal preferences.

Interesting installations of the White House


The White House has 6 floors, 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms. There are also 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 stairs and 3 elevators. The White House is divided into three parts. East Wing and West Wing on two sides and Executive Residence in the middle. Most of the important rooms are located in the West Wing. Notable among these are the Oval Office, Situation Room, Roosevelt Room. There are also several interesting rooms in the Executive Residence and East Wing.

The White House

The President's Head Office is the Oval Office. Here is the famous ‘Result Desk’. This room is also full of various paintings, busts and other ornaments. Presidents decorate this room according to their personal preferences. The White House Garden is right in front of the Oval Office. This place is used for special occasions. The work of greeting the guests arriving at the White House is also done here.

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Situation room

The White House

The room covers more than 5,000 square feet in the basement of the West Wing. Although it is called a situation room, it actually consists of several rooms. The chamber was built in 1961 under President John F. Kennedy. Situation Room currently has two conference rooms. One has 40 seats. The other is relatively small, where in May 2011, former President Barack Obama and his administration officials were monitoring the assassination attempt on Osama bin Laden by the US military.

Roosevelt Room

The White House

It is one of the most important rooms in the West Wing. Here usually the nomination of new officers is announced. There are paintings by Theodore and Franklin - both Roosevelt - on the wall.

Press briefing room

The White House press briefing room is called the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. The room was named by President Bill Clinton in 2000 in honor of former White House Press Secretary James Brady. James Brady was the press secretary to President Ronald Reagan's administration. Brady was seriously injured in 1981 when Ronald Reagan was shot and killed. Then he has to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. The White House press secretary briefs the media in this room. The next room is the White House press office.

Cabinet room

The president meets with ministers here. The president sits in the chair right in the middle of the table.

Map room

This map room is located on the ground floor of the Residence building. This room is used for small social gatherings and for television interviews. During World War II, Franklin Roosevelt used this room to discuss the nature of war through maps. From there the room was named 'Map Room'. Subsequent presidents began using situation rooms for these tasks. There is still a map hanging on the wall of this room. It shows the last state of the Germans in the war in 1945, shortly after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Blue room

The White House

This blue room is located on the second floor of the residence building. The President formally entertained his guests in this oval room. The specialty of this room is the presence of blue home decor, blue carpet and blue curtains. The room has been dominated by blue since 1837.

Family Theater

The theater is located in the East Wing of the White House. The President's family can come here at any time of the day and watch any movie. They even have the opportunity to watch a movie before it is released. The theater was built by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Some amazing facts about the White House

The White House
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1. Although George Washington started working at the White House, he could not stay here. He died in 1899 before construction was completed.

2. The White House was originally called "President's Palace", "President's House", "Executive Mansion", and so on. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt officially renamed it the White House.

3. Painting the walls of the White House requires 570 gallons of paint.

4. Architect James Hoban designed the White House, inspired by Leinster House in his native Ireland. The White House still has this twin building in Dublin.

The White House

5. African-American slaves worked as laborers in the construction of the White House. European immigrants also work to build it.

6.The White House initially did not have access to a wheelchair. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a polio patient. He was given the opportunity to enter the White House in a wheelchair after taking over the presidency in 1933.


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