Increasing the body's immunity to the coronavirus, which has been declared a global epidemic, is crucial. Experts are repeatedly emphasizing on this. Note that no antidote or cure for this virus has been discovered so far. So the body's immune system is effective in this case. Let's not know that all foods help to increase the body's resistance to disease-

Avoid extra sugary foods. At the same time, packaged and processed food also said goodbye to the list. Junk food and fried foods are also a threat to the body.

Put ghee and honey in the food every day. If these are authentic then it helps a lot in preventing the disease.

Animal and vegetable proteins are quite beneficial for the body. You can eat well-cooked meat, fish and eggs as well as pulses, cereals and rajma.

Half-boiled eggs will help boost your body's resistance to disease. Eat fully boiled eggs or omelettes every day.

Avoid salt today. Moreover, you can eat nuts, almonds and lentils without salt for breakfast in the afternoon.

Depending on the weather, Sajone stalks and Sajone flowers will be very useful. According to medical science, these are able to prevent the virus.

Sour yogurt, green vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants. Adequate amounts of these can help boost the body's immune system.

The most important thing is to drink water. Understanding the body's needs and drinking enough water every day is always beneficial for the body.


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