The Vatican City is situated on the banks of the Tiber River. This river runs through the center of the whole city of Rome. The Vatican City is the smallest independent kingdom in the world in terms of size and population.The Vatican City is actually a major pilgrimage site for Catholics. The Vatican City  of only 49 hectares, the population is about 825 (240th). The prince of this papal country is Pope Francis, who was born in Argentina.Since 2013,  he has been the highest religious leader of Christians, the Pope . This papal kingdom was created in 1929 under a Latin agreement with the Italian government.

Just before the penetration of the city, on the left hand side, there is a hall called 'Museo Leonardo DA Vinci Experience' in remembrance of the famous painter Leonardo DA Vinci.Migrant from different countries have set up rows of mobile shops on both sides on the road. They are selling different souvenirs there.

Permanentat the entrance of the city, one sees a huge building. It is St. Peter's Basilica, one kind of the Catholic community's pilgrimage sites . When a pope dies or retires, a newly elected pope emerges from the balcony of the building.. And Catholic religious leaders came to this country as representatives of different countries.

Establishedin 1626, this huge and ancient building is one of the world heritage.  About 20k people can gather in this building. 

The country has the world's shortest railway, the Citadel Vaticano, with a length of only 300 meters.The train does not carry any passengers, only cargo. Many different castes from different countries have come to visit Vatican City, the smallest country in the world. About five and a half million people from all over the world visit The Vatican City every year.

The Vatican City  may be very small, but an independent country has almost everything it needs to have. Religious information are broadcast on their radios in about 40 various languages of the world. Catholic churches sporadic throughout the world are controlled by this papal kingdom.

The Vatican City does not belong to the European Union, but belongs to Shenzhen. There are four more such kingdom — Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein. The Vatican City has adopted the euro as its currency since 2004 and its official language is Latin.

Other  side of St. Peter's Basilica I saw 2 members of the switch guard. Red, yellow and blue  a 25-30 year aged man wearing a strange uniform made of these three colors. Let me tell you one thing, those who provide security in the Vatican City are called switch guards,the smallest army in the world, with only 135 members.

Vatican City has a beautiful garden. There are flowers of different colors in the green.Visitors are sitting, standing and taking pictures in various poses.The Vatican's famous museum has paintings by famous painters from all over the world, including Italy, a variety of sculptures, a history of Catholicism, and a variety of works of art, including traditions. Undoubtedly any traveler would love to see it around.

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