Bare head, triangular hair on the front but no hair on the back.

Remember this man from the nineties? Well, to put it more simply, he used to play for Brazil after wearing the number nine yellow jersey. Yes, I was talking about Ronaldo. Yes, he is the name of a love, the name of a feeling. He was such a great player that many would go to Brazil to see the magic of his feet.

Now the faction has started with who is a Messi fan and who is a Neymar fan. But Ronaldo was a player about whom there was no faction. No matter which team you support and which club you support, it was hard to find people who didn't love Ronald Reagan's game and that's why he was called the best jersey number ever.Then-Barcelona coach Bobby Robson said of Ronaldo."He's one of the fastest footballers I've ever met,"

Name - Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima 

Born - 18 September 1976

Hight - 6 ft or 1.83 m

Nationality - Brazil

Role -  Striker


Ronaldo Luís Nazário Lima, universally  known as Ronaldo is a former Brazilian footballer.

He was born on September 18, 1976 , 

Brazil.Ronaldo was an exceptional striker who scored 62 goals in 98   matches for Brazil                                                    




Ronaldo exhibited his passion for football in his early school days and at the age of 12,

Ronaldo dropped out of the school to play soccer. Ronaldo joined an indoor club called Ramos Indoor Soccer Club.

Ronaldo joined the Sao Crustovao Football Club as a junior player and in 1993,

Ronaldo made his debut in professional football for Cruzeiro.He played his first match against Caldense club.

Ronaldo went to score five goals in the match against Bahia which brought him to the limelight.

His showing  in the 1993 Brazil Cup led Cruzeiro win the championship. Later on, Cruzeiro won the Minas Gerais Championship in 1994 due to Ronaldo’s star play.


Ronaldo made his international entrance in the 1994 FIFA World Cup for Brazil & played his match in opposition to Netherlands but failed to get a goal.


He saw his team win the World Cup that year but he hadn't made any contribution to it. Ronaldo first international goal came against Netherlands in the 1998 World Cup, when he scored a goal in the 46th minute.


Ronaldo rose to glory soon after the World Cup ended. His skills on the field were just exceptional. The way he flew past defenders with his stepovers were a joy to watch.


Ronaldo  achieve titles involving  the KNVB Beker in 1995-96, the Super Cup & the UEFA Winners Cup in 1996-97, the UEFA Europa League in 1997-98, the Copa America in 1999 & the La Liga in 2002-03 and so on and so forth. Last but not the least, there are a number of times his team stood second in many tournaments.


Ronaldo  won the Golden Boot twice in the FIFA World Cup, in 1998 & 2002. During  2006 World Cup his World Cup goals count reached 15, that is the highest by any player until 2014.


Ronaldo played for various clubs in his career. He started off with Cruzeiro but in 1994, he joined the PSV Eindhoven and went on to score 54 goals in two seasons he played. He also contributed to make the club win the Dutch Cup in 1996 and became the Top Scorer in the tournament.


During 1996-97 season, he joined Barcelona Football Club and starred there. He scored 47 goals in that season which helped the club to win the UEFA Winners’ Cup. He was the Top Scorer in the La Liga since he scored 37 goals and won the European Golden Boot that year. He joined the Inter Milan Club in 1997 where he led the team to their victory in the 1997 UEFA Europa League. But he suffered from injuries when he was associated with the club and hence, he couldn't take the club to great heights.


Ronaldo joined with the Real Madrid in 2002 and it was great for the club. He scored a goal for the club in under 15 seconds which is the fastest in its history. But once he left, he didn't have an impressive career with the clubs like AC Milan and the Corinthians.


Ronaldo retired in 2011 and played his last match in a conversable  game against Romania. Though he couldn't score a goal in that match but received an ovation from the fans.


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