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Lipstick is one of the most necessary materials for girls. No outfit is entire without it.Whether it is a wedding bridal implement or a varsity student implement or a working woman's office implement, lipstick is a must. So let's talk about lipstick today. What kind of lipstick will suit you, how to apply lipstick, how to prepare lips before applying lipstick

Today's event with all these.

What will winter lipstick look like?

How to choose the color of lipstick

Most women have a lot of lipstick that is never used. Maybe you liked it when you behold at the back of the hand in the store, or you purchased that lipstick just because it looked great on someone else's lips, but it didn't fit on your own lips anymore. This is because the lipstick does not match the color of your skin. Find out how to choose the best lipstick for you. Get to know your own undertone first. Human skin color is separate into two undertones. One is a yellow undertone, the other is a pink undertone. The way to recognize it is to look at the veins of the wrist, if it is blue then your pink undertone, If the veins are a unit inexperienced then your yellow undertone. If your veins are a unit some inexperienced some blue, then your neutral undertone, you're lucky as a result of you'll be able to wear lipstick of all colors. Now go to the lipstick storehouse and ask the shopkeeper to show you your undertone lipstick. From there you can choose the wished for color that you can always apply to the lips, no need to leave.

Rules for applying lipstick

Everyone can apply lipstick, but who can apply it beautifully? Some basic preparations are needed to apply lipstick beautifully. Learn how to apply lipstick to get the best results.

1. Before applying lipstick, the lips should be flake first. This will withdraw the dead skin of the lips. By growing the blood circulation in the lips, the lips will become fresh and soft. Wet the lips well and rub lightly with a soft cloth or exfoliate the lips with a lip scrub. You can easily make a lip scrub at home by mixing coconut oil and sugar.

2. After cleansing, gently wipe the lips and apply the salve. This can not solely create your lips soft and supple, lipstick also will sit nicely on the lips. Place the salve on the lips for a moment, then gently take away the salve with a tissue. If you have lip balm on your lips, the lipstick will become oily and spread around your lips.

3. Before applying lipstick, apply basis on the lips and ready the lips for lipstick. By doing this, on the one hand, you are getting the perfect color of the lipstick, on the other hand, the durability of your lipstick is also increasing.

4. Now apply lip liner. If the lips square measure heavier, apply liner going away some a part of the lips. cowl the initial line of the lips with concealer. Draw the road with the lip liner a bit outside the natural line within the middle of the lips to create the skinny lips look thicker. the 2 corners of the lips should match the particular line of the lips; don't transcend the initial line towards the 2 corners.

The way to make lipstick

The first step in applying lipstick is to apply lip balm or coconut oil / almond oil or olive oil on the lipstick. Remove the lipstick by pressing lightly with a tissue. Now apply another layer of lip balm or coconut oil / almond oil / olive oil / lotion. Gently wipe the lips again with a tissue.If you would like, you'll be able to conjointly use eye makeup remover to get rid of lipstick. Then soak the lips with water and rub with a soft, damp artifact so the remainder of the lipstick is removed. Currently wipe the lips and apply unction. Keep in mind that the lips ought to ne'er be rubbed in pairs or the dead skin of the lips ought to be forced.

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