US President Donald Trump has been in talks for a long time. One by one he is giving birth to news. Not only has he been controversial for his statements; It also gave birth to a bad idea about the United States. The United States has lost the ability to lead the world under Trump. The United States is still the world's number one economy; That is big economy. Due to its large economy, the role of the United States in world politics is extensive. But it turned out earlier this year that the coronavirus Covid-19 had spread from one state to another, and at one point in the United States itself; At that time, the United States could not play the role it was supposed to play.

Trump has always been indifferent to the control of Covid-19. He never took the epidemic seriously. Hospitals did not have adequate ICU beds. There was no safety material for doctors. Trump has never acknowledged that it is a viral disease. He complained that it had been leaked from a lab in Wuhan (China). However, he could not present any evidence behind it. True, there is an institution called the Institute of Virology; Where the virus is studied. But when the Covid-19 hits far and wide in Latin America, the theory of "leaking from the Uhan Lab" cannot be taken as "true".

So where is the origin of Kovid-19? Researcher Gloria Dickey wrote an article on June 6 in the journal Science-Based Research. The title of the article says that for millions of years, billions of bacterial germs have been frozen in the polar regions. Now the polar ice is melting as global warming increases. As a result, the bacteria are now spreading. And that is why 213 countries and regions of the world have been affected by Covid-19.

Although scientists have not yet accepted this theory. But the Trump administration still blames China. Not only that, but Trump has withdrawn the United States from the World Health Organization, alleging that the World Health Organization sees China's interests. At the same time, the United States has stated that it will not follow the decision of the World Health Organization to provide the global Covid-19 vaccine. This is a failure of the United States to lead the world. Other international agreements that the United States withdrew from during the Trump administration include the Paris Agreement on Global Warming (2015 and 2016), the Trump-Pacific Partnership Agreement, UNESCO, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the UN Human Rights Council, and more. The United States has lost an opportunity to lead the world.

The United States has been in a major crisis recently, and that is racial hatred. President Trump's idea of ​​"white supremacy", inciting white nationalism, comparing the human rights movement of blacks to a leftist movement, etc., is a kind of insecurity among black people. George Floyd, a black man, was strangled to death by police (white) on May 25. Since then several more such incidents have taken place. The latest incident happened in Kenosa, a city in the state of Wisconsin. In Kenosa, police shot and wounded a young black man, Jacob Black, from behind. Trump spoke on behalf of the white police officer and visited Kenosa at the request of the mayor and the governor of that state, which provoked ethnic conflict.

Trump's support for white militias, as well as his anti-black stance, could affect the November 3 presidential election. Public opinion polls say at least that. It is pertinent to mention here that the US presidential election is completed by electoral vote. This number is 536. If you want to win, you have to get 270 electoral votes. Electoral votes are higher in some of the 50 states; Less again in any. However, it cannot be said that the results of all the surveys are ultimately 'true'. Even in the 2016 presidential election, the public opinion polls did not come true in the end. At the time, Hillary Clinton was leading in opinion polls, but in the end, Trump won with a total of six votes.

By the way, the history of the US presidential election is 231 years; From 1789 to 2020 (Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776). The first president of the US was George Washington (1789-1797). He was the nominee of the Federalist Party. George Adams was also a candidate for the Federalist Party (1797-1801). But from the reign of the third president (Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809) until 1829, the Democratic Republican Party was in power for four terms as a single candidate. Democrats have been running for president separately since the time of the seventh president, Andrew Jackson (1829-1837). The first elected president of the Republican Party was Abraham Lincoln (16th President, 1861-1865). Since then, the presidential election has been limited to the two major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Initially, however, a third party, the Wig Party, existed. The first elected president of the Wig Party was William Henry Harrison (9th, 1841). However, he did not return to power after being elected. Trump is the 45th president of the US. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Every election is dominated by certain ‘issues’ that affect voters. The funny thing is, voters vote; But the winner is considered to have received all the votes from each Electrical College in that state. There is an issue again. In particular, apartheid, white supremacy, the 11.1 percent unemployment problem, failure to curb Covid-19, collapse of manufacturing and the closure of large-scale industrial enterprises, trade deficits with China, and possible conflicts with China over control of the South China Sea. All in all, there are questions about President Trump's administration. The big question now is whether voters will choose him for a second term.

However, some people are talking about many fears. It has also been suggested that if he loses the election, he may not accept the results. Whether it can be done or whether he will do any such unconstitutional act ignoring the constitution is a question. Those who are fairly aware of the way he manages his state know that everything is possible for him. He made the allegation that Russian hackers were active at the recently concluded National Convention of the Republican Party (August 24-27, 2020), although his veracity has not been established. There has also been a flurry of postal ballots. The United States accounts for 23.6 percent of the world's economy. However, due to the changed situation, especially the Kovid-19 situation and the 'trade war' with China, the United States is going to lose its status as a developed country and become a developing country (Globalist, August 25, 2020).

The way Trump is managing the economy and sociology raises the risk of further collapse of the economy. And if it continues, it will not take long for the United States to become a developing country. Then maybe the World Bank or the IMF will have to intervene, which they do in the developing world. This is how Richard Phillips commented in his article. According to him, racial hatred in the United States is giving birth to ‘black-poverty’, which is generally visible in the developing world. Trump's role has been called into question in each case, including the deplorable state of health care and the failure to ensure health care for all, the fragile state of the economy, rising unemployment, the transformation into a de facto police state, and, above all, attempts to "kill" democracy. With these roles of Trump in mind, the presidential election is going to be held on November 3 in the United States. For good reason, one question that is being debated is: If President Trump wins a second term, where will he take the United States in the next four years?

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