‘Don’t look at Nilanjana with those blue eyes’ or ‘Black girl’s black deer eyes’; How many colorful eyes have been worshiped in poems and songs. There is no harm if not given by nature; There are contact lenses. Thanks to which you can choose the eye gem of your choice color if you want. Sometimes black, sometimes brown or gray.

Model and actress Irene Afroz said that although she does not use a contact lens very much except during the shoot, it feels good to wear it. According to him, the color of the eyeball can change the whole look. Even with a very simple outfit, just wearing a beautiful colored lens gives a gorgeous look. She wears lenses more, especially with Western-style clothing. She said, "I choose the color of the lens based on the color of the lens that suits the green girl." Apart from this, gray or purple aur lenses are worn in any domestic event.

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What color lens to choose will depend on the color of the skin and hair. Talking to the salesmen after visiting different shops, it was learned that the latest contact lenses are gray, sterling gray, amethyst, turquoise, brown, pure hazel and honey hazel. These colors written in English on the lens are being bought. Green and blue are rarely used in our country.

Model Arpita Alam uses a power lens. That means wearing lenses as an alternative to glasses. According to him, the color gray adapts to all types of clothing and skin color. There are many parts in gray. His choice highlights Cool Gray. In addition to this, brown, hazel, etc. wear colors. Occasionally Highlight Cool Hazel is worn to bring a more gorgeous look. Whatever color the lens is, don't forget to check with an expert before choosing it.

AKM Omar Sharif, an ophthalmologist at Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital, has suggested the use of contact lenses.

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Contact lenses should be avoided

If you have allergies

If the germs in the eyes are infected

To work in extra dusty-sandy environment

If the eyes hurt

If the eyes are sensitive to light

If you see blur after wearing the lens

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According to experts, lenses should not be worn continuously for more than a maximum of eight hours. If you have a power lens, you must choose a lens with the advice of an eye specialist. When wearing and leaving the lens open after use, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and then wipe with a dry hand. Never sleep after the lens. After use it should be soaked in the solution.

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Some caution

Before buying a lens, make sure it has an expiration date. In some cases it lasts from six months to one year.

The lens solution cannot be used for more than three months after opening.

Under no circumstances should one person use contact lenses.

It should not be touched with unclean hands. Cannot be picked up with nails while opening.


How to make stretch marks go away home remedies? elixirbdnews24.com/2020/11/5-infa


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