How will Barcelona assimilate such a necklace? Bayern Munich pixilated them in the quarterfinals of the Champions League on Friday.  Bayern reached the semi-finals as the third team after defeating Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez 8-2. Where their opponent is English giant Manchester City.

 Barcelona biggest margin of defeat against any team in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Barcelona fell behind 4-1 in the 30th minute of the match held in Lisbon, Portugal. Gerard Pique-Klime Langlera seemed helpless in front of Bayern's attack. Vyacheslav Lewadowski missed some chances, or Barcelona could have digested 10 goals.Bayern took the lead in the fourth minute through a goal by Thomas Mueller. In the seventh minute, Bar āĻ¸a equalized with a suicide goal by David Alaba. Suarez had a great opportunity to increase the lead of Bar্āĻ¸a in the next minute. But his efforts were easily thwarted by goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

In the ninth minute, Messi's curved shot hit the post and was blocked. In the 20th minute, Messi took a shot into the box with a single effort. But it goes straight to Nayyar.


Until then, the fight was equal. After that, Bayern ran a stream roller onBarcelona.Ivan Perisic put Bayern ahead in the 22nd minute with an assist from Serge Nabri. Nabri himself in the role of goal scorer in the 26th minute. Four minutes later, Mueller's second goal made the gap 4-1!

 There was also an opportunity to close the gap just before the break. But Suarez failed to score again.


Barcelona had to do something unimaginable to turn around in the second half. Suarez scored in the 57th minute to give hope to the fans. However, Bayern scored the fifth goal in 6 minutes. Alfonse Davis passed to Joshua Kimikh after beating Nelson Semedo in the box. Kimikh easily sent the ball into the net.

In the 62nd minute, Robert Lewandowski scored the sixth goal for Bayern. In the semi-finals of the 2013 Champions League, Bayern defeated Barcelona 7-0 in two legs. Philippe Coutinho's goal in the 65th minute also touched that number. Later, another goal was scored by Barcelona footballer Kutinho. The Brazilian has been playing for Bayern on loan since 2016.


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