Many people have flaws with their lips. Many people, especially women, also dream of soft pink lips. But in reality that taste is not met by many. Because, color depends on many things. It may be due to birth color or it may be due to the way of daily life.


But there is nothing to worry about. Because there is a way for you to solve this problem very easily. And that way is coriander. Are you surprised? Surprising but true! Using coriander leaves will make your black lips turn pink. 

Let's find out how-

Preparation and use method: First wash some coriander leaves thoroughly. Then cut into small pieces and place in a bowl. Now crush the crushed leaves with a spoon. 

Now use these crushed leaves on the lips. If you follow this method for a while, you will see that the blackness of your lips is gone. And with that, pink color will also appear on your lips.

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