You have to pay additional attention to hair care during the rainy season. Hair loss, dandruff and other problems arrive.In addition to giving extra time for hair care in the rainy season, some changes need to be made in the rules.

Here are five tips for proper hair care in the rainy season:


- Apply oil on the head regularly. Keep your hair moisturized with oil for at least two days a week for 20 minutes to two hours. Then rinse.

- Washing too much hair can make it thinner. Therefore, it is better to wash your hair lightly. In this case you can wash your hair lightly with a shampoo. So that dirt does not accumulate in the hair.

-Avoid wearing caps while exercising. This is because the head sweats a lot during exercise and the cap prevents the sweat from drying out. Which can cause fungal infections.

- Always use a serum after washing the hair, it controls the softness of the hair and retains the shine.

- Choose shampoo according to hair type. If you have oily hair, you can use a easy shampoo. For dandruff, one can use a slightly stronger shampoo with conditioner.


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