Moisture increment skin problems many times over. Due to the wet weather, dirt amass on the skin easily. This can lead to problems like black heads. Although it may seem like a minor skin problem, blackheads can ruin the radiance of the skin. If not threshed for a long time, many times it can become a stable stain.
Problems like blackheads occur on the skin due to oily feeling and procurement of dust on the face. Blackheads are a type of acne. It forms a kind of black spot on the skin; Which is more ordinary around the nose, forehead and cheeks. It can also be called a type of open pores. Which is filled with oil, dust-sand and dead cells. Sharmin Kochi, owner of Bindia Exclusive Beauty parlour, says that the beauty of the face is absolutely lost due to black heads.

Blackheads are more common on any type of skin
Blackheads are more ordinary on oily skin and dry skin. However, it is not observed everywhere in the skin. Blackheads are more ordinary in the superior part of the cheeks around the nose and around the nose and in the chin because they trap more dirt and oil. They look like small lumps and their face is white. When pressed, small white or black shells come out.

After how many days should be cleaned
3 days a week in the oncoming if blackheads are too many. After that, if the amount is attenuated, it can be cleaned, even 1 day in a week.

Which is damage to the skin
The beauty of the skin is lost. The skin vanquishes radiance and elegance. In accession, blackheads, make the skinunbalanced. Blackheads can also be removed using home remedies. The elements that will eliminate black heads

Rub the skin with lemon or sugar. After rubbing for 10-13 minutes, wash your face.

Cinnamon works quite well to keep skin clean and radiant. Make a scrub by mixing one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with lemon juice and apply it after 25 minutes.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera gel is not comparable to removing blackheads or whiteheads, acne or excess oil from the face. Just apply this gel on your face and wash it off after 10 minutes. At the moment the skin will increase the radiance.

Coconut oil
Apply coconut oil on the skin every night before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. However, it is better not to use oil if it causes acne.

Vinegar contains anti-bacterial ingredients, which kill bacteria in the skin. Apply some cotton vinegar on the skin and after it is dry, wash it off with lukewarm water

Some more suggestions
Toning must be done after cleaning the black heads. Because, if you don't do toning, the pores will get bigger. Black and white heads can be cleaned with some special massages. Knowing these special methods should be done knowingly. This will also eliminate other skin problems. You need to clean your face at least twice a day. Separate towels should be used to wipe the body and face. In addition, to reduce the problem of blackheads, you should eat less fried food as much as possible.


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