The supply of hilsa has developed in the fish market of Patharghata in Barguna. 1 to 200 metric tons of hilsa is sold there every day. There is a lot of hilsa available in kg, but the wholesalers said that the price is a bit higher. Meanwhile, on Sunday (July 28), a hilsa weighing 2 kg 600 grams was sold at the fish market for Tk 5,900.

Wholesalers in the BFDC market said that after a 65-day ban, fishermen went to sea on July 23 and started fishing for hilsa. Every trawler is catching hilsa. 99 stockists in BFDC wholesale fish market.

Everyone has sent trawler owners to the sea with little or no payment. However, the fishermen who have gone fishing in the sea are giving good news to the owners through mobile phones, they said.

According to the fishermen, a lot of hilsa is being caught in each trawler from 800 grams to over 2 kg. Large size hilsa fish will be available in the market within the next one week. Although less in number, this hilsa used to be caught in the river. Now large size hilsa is being caught in the sea.


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