Popcorn is eaten while sitting at home watching a game or watching a favorite movie. Surely you bought that popcorn from outside? But you can easily make popcorn at home. The ingredients are as simple as making popcorn. For this you will need ripe corn kernels. You can easily buy corn kernels from anywhere in the country .

Corn kernels, oil or ghee, amount of salt.

Take a pan or pan in a medium high heat oven. Pour enough oil in between. The oil should be applied in such a way that the lowest part of the pan gets wet. Then add salt in the oil. In this way, when the popcorn boils, salt will enter it. Mix with salt oil. Now pour in the corn and mix well. The oils are rubbed on the corn kernels.

Then cover the pan with a lid. However, leave a little empty, so that the steam can escape. Wait a minute. You will see that the popcorn under the lid is boiling. If the lid is made of glass, you can see it.

Holding the pan and shaking it a little at a time will cause the grains to go down and all the grains will boil well. Turn off the stove when the sound of footer subsides.
It doesn't take long to make popcorn. The popcorn is ready in four to five minutes after placing the pan in the oven.


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