Corona infection on the one hand, rainy season on the other. Stomach infections are also on the rise. It is also important to increase immunity during this time. Chronic problems should also be kept away. But now you need to eat fruits regularly to stay, everyone knows that. Now to get all kinds of nutrients, a fruit that can keep the stomach clean. That is the pineapple. But why do nutritionists recommend eating pineapple?

 Because pineapple contains disease-resistant anti-oxidants. Which reduce oxidative stress. In addition to boosting immunity in the corona atmosphere, doctors are repeatedly warning of co-morbid factors. In addition, the weight has also increased a lot in the lockdown. So eating this low calorie fruit will also control the weight. It is also beneficial for the stomach as it has a lot of fiber. Rich in Vitamin C & Potassium, this fruit is moreover beneficial in protecting heart health. So disease control will also be possible.

This results in many digestive enzymes or digestive enzymes. These are called 'bromelain'.
Indian nutritionist Soma Chakraborty said that this fruit is rich in folate, potassium and magnesium. It also contains manganese. So it helps to increase immunity. This fruit is rich in nutrients as it contains phenolic acid or flavonoids. In addition, a problem of digestion is seen in the rainy season. In that case the bromelain enzyme breaks down the protein molecules. Benefits of small intestine absorption. Bromelain can also break down meat proteins. Helps to control inflammation i.e. prevent chronic inflammation. This fruit can also be eaten in case of constipation as it has a lot of water and fiber.

How much, how much pineapple to eat?

Nutrition is complete only if you eat whole fruits instead of pineapple juice. Because juice does not contain fiber.
Regularly eating a small bowl of pineapple can easily get rid of some diseases.
Putting five to six pieces of pineapple in the diet every day is quite beneficial.
Not a pineapple, but a controlled amount to eat every day.


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