This time the hassle of going to the sun and rain is much less. The outside dust seems to be less now. Even then the dirty feeling on the skin of hands and feet. Working from home all day is also becoming like a battlefield. Work after work at home. Even then, you have to take some time to take care of your hands and feet. It will also maintain health. Hand and foot exercises i.e. manicure pedicure is not going to go to the beauty center, so it is better to do it at home.

Manicures and pedicures are usually done to remove dirt from the skin and nails of the hands and feet, dead cells and restore normal radiance. Even if this care can be taken in a short time and easily, if the rules are not followed, problems like skin burns and roughness are created. In addition, people with diabetes may have problems with excessive nail cuts or skin lesions.

During this time of monsoon, there is more water vapor in the air, which prevents dirt on the hands and feet. Again, many people have a kind of sticky feeling on the skin. Manicure and pedicure are the best ways to overcome these two problems - this is what esthetician Afroza Parveen thinks.

Normal, oily and dry - it is beneficial in three types of skin care. However, dry skin has the problem of dead cells and excessive skin rupture, so such skin should be manicured and pedicured once a week. In addition, oily and normal skin can be applied for 10 consecutive days.

Afroza Parveen shared some easy ways to do manicure and pedicure. If you don't have a manicure-pedicure kit, you can also get the job done with some of the materials at home. You will need a nail clipper, a toothbrush, a terracotta jhama, a cotton and a towel.
First you have to remove the nail polish on your hands and feet. Then take lukewarm water in a bucket or large bowl and soak your hands and feet with a little shampoo for 10 minutes. Dirt and skin around the nails should be cleaned with a brush. Then lightly rub the soft dead cells of the ankles with jhama.
The next step will be to clean the nails. Nails can be cut to the desired shape with a nail clipper. You can use two tools in the nail cutter to clean the dirt inside the nail and rub the front part of the nail.
Now you can wash your hands and feet with clean water and use a useful pack. Mix multani soil, honey and rose water and after using it on hands and feet, when it is dry, wash it in water and wipe it with a towel. Finally it is the turn of using moisturizer. Any lotion, petroleum jelly, coconut oil or olive oil can be used at home. However, it cannot be used on all skin types. Oily moisturizers are needed more for dry skin. If you use lotion on normal skin. But there is absolutely no need to use any moisturizer on oily skin. To keep your hands and feet beautiful, fresh and bright, you should sleep with soap and moisturizer every night.


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